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Why us?

Our business

We, at Aristosol Powers, have tie-ups with the most trusted EPC firms (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) in the solar industry. We associate the best-in-class product manufacturers for solar panels, inverters, and other systems. Our service doesn’t end at the sale. We commit to continue serving customers long after their purchase. Read our maintenance services section below.

Maintenance Services

At Aristosol Powers, we aim to deliver quality every single time. We provide quarterly maintenance absolutely free for 5 years.

Panels need to be clean to provide maximum power. The terminals and the connectors need an inspection to ensure proper operation. Throughout our 20 free services, you would have not only covered your initial cost of the system but also have reaped an enormous benefit from the system while enjoying free services at the same time.

Our Maintenance

You get 4 free services every year so a total of 20 free services in the next five years. We aim to be the benchmark in quality product and service delivery.

Our Vission

This maintenance plan means you have our professional and trained personnel visiting your place to inspect, clean, and ensure that your panels are working at their optimum capacity.


Like every individual, every home and every rooftop is different. Our trained installation team inspects many parameters before they start fitment. Some of these are:

  • Rooftop height (based on number of floors)
  • Maximum height of neighboring buildings (for understand shadows)
  • Angle of maximum solar irradiance
  • Rooftop surface material

Frames required to install solar panels on your rooftop are made from industrial grade, galvanized, high-quality materials, which are robust, durable, and resistant to environmental conditions, e.g., wind, rains, and dust. These structures last the lifetime of your solar system.

Quality Assurance

Every single equipment we use is compliant to the specifications and quality standards as required by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). Our material is procured from verified, high-quality suppliers.

Our solar PV modules have a warranty of 25 years on power output, directly from the manufacturer of the panels.

Rest assured, if you have any concern at all, we are just a phone call away. Our engineers visit you every quarter, so you have no reason to be worried.

  • Simplicity

    At Arisotol Powers, we believe in a fast turnaround for all our customers. We have paid specific attention to design our process to be hassle-free and understandable to non-specialists. All you need to do is visit us. We do the rest. We have taken care of the permits, licenses, product sourcing, and other aspects of the business. We make sure your panel installation happens as per your convenience. Please relax when you choose Arisotol, you don’t have to worry.

  • Billing

    We issue a bill for every product that you have purchased. Please know that we are fully GST compliant and follow all the guidelines set by the MNRE for solar business. You will be communicated the total cost of the system when you talk to our representatives. There are no hidden charges anywhere.

  • Installation

    After receiving your application, we forward it immediately to the concerned departments. An on-grid system has government guidelines, and they have their SLAs. This may include pre-checks, installation, testing, and then connectivity to the grid. We can get you solar enabled in as little as 90 days from the date of application.

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