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Our Footprint
We’re among the leading residential solar rooftop solutions providers in Delhi We have presence in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida and we cater to any part of the National Capital Region. Based on your location, our nearest distributor will take care of your application


We have empaneled multiple companies after thorough analysis of their work in the solar segment. We procure best-in-class components for your system. Having multiple companies on-board allows us the flexibility to provide you with a wide range of options to choose from.

Warranty and Service

Our trained technicians will visit your residence once every six months to inspect the system. We have a comprehensive checklist and analyze every panel’s output, inverter health, and an overall checkup on the entire solar system. The solar panels are warranted for 25 years. Warranty on inverter and other products will be as per manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

Service Guarantee

We guarantee that your system will be a net-metering arrangement. If it isn’t, we will refund your entire amount. (Assuming there are no delays at the DISCOM or Government level. Rest assured we have a very robust follow-up system).
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Our Promise We are 100% committed to help you save your hard-earned money.

We will first get your subsidy approved and then start to install the solar system.

We are very well recognized in the solar segment and our company has tie-ups with multiple power distribution companies pan India.

Your application will be sent to Indraprastha Power Generation Company (IPGCL) for approval of your subsidy. (this is in case you are applying for a solar power connection in Delhi. For other states, there are respective departments, and the applications are sent accordingly)

Until your subsidy is approved, we are not even asking you to pay large sums of money. All we charge is a nominal 20% of the total quote given to you.

We use this to apply for your subsidy application. This application is chargeable and has other costs too.

Suppose you apply for a 1.5 kW system and you receive a quote of Rs. 70,000/-. All we require is a mere Rs. 14,000 from you.



We have researched the solar segment in the Delhi-NCR region and have designed offerings to cater to a wide range of requirements.

Our reference price for 1kW solar rooftop system is Rs. 50,000/-.

We use certified equipment and the solar panels we provide carry a 25-year warranty.

Our experts will tell you about different offerings in solar panels, inverters and other components. You can configure a system as you wish. You’ll be provided a quote for that.

Solar Subsidies

Rooftop solar is being promoted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of the Government of India.

Subsidy schedule is:

  • 40% subsidy on domestic rooftop between 1kW and 3kW installed capacity.
  • 20% subsidy on domestic rooftop between 3kW and 10kW installed capacity.
  • No subsidy above 10 kW installed capacity


Our process to get you connected to the Sun

We’re an end-to-end facilitator of rooftop solar power solutions. Design, Delivery and Diagnostics – that’s how we do it. Here is a brief about the solar process:

Solar Quote Generator: This is our online solar-calculation tool. You can calculate the approximate capacity required for your house and submit your application.

Our experts will get back to you within one-business-day with quotes for solar solutions.

Aristosol Power Warranty

How to avail warranty?

We’ll do it for you. If your system has any problem related to manufacturing and workmanship, our experts will come to your place, collect the equipment and submit it to the manufacturer for replacement in warranty.

When we receive the replacement, our engineers will install the product at your residence.

We do not charge for anything.

Warranty Timelines

The components of your solar system like inverter and solar panels are built by different manufacturers. These manufacturers have their own timeline for a warranty process.

We will take the faulty equipment and replace it when we get back. The duration in between depends on how much time the service center takes to replace (or repair) the component.

How much time will it take to get returns on my investment?

Here’s an approximation for you (considering the electricity price remains constant)

Cost of 2kW solar system (before subsidy): Rs. 1,10,000
Cost after subsidy (less 40%): Rs. 66,000

Daily electricity production: 10 units (average)
Cost of electricity in Delhi: Rs. 7 per unit

Daily savings: Rs. 70 (per day)

Annual savings : 365 * 70 = 25,550

Time to recover initial cost = 2.5 years

You can avail your returns in just 2.5 years. Most people change their mobile phones in 2.5 years. By the time you have your next mobile phone, your cost for solar system would have been covered.

The best part: You now get free electricity for 25 years. Electricity price rise won’t bother you anymore.

The model above shows a break even at 2.5 years. We have not considered the increase in electricity tariffs. If we include a 10% increase per year, your break-even period becomes 2 years.

The best part of a net-metering system is that you are earning money when you’re away from home. You export solar energy to the grid (which is like an electricity meter running in reverse). At night you can comfortable use your air-conditioner without worrying about electricity bills.

So YES, we can help you run a 1.5 ton air-conditioner on solar power in less than one lakh rupees. FREE FOR 25 YEARS

Why is today the best time to buy a solar system?

It is the ideal time to buy a solar system now. We’ll tell you why:

  • System prices have hit rock bottom
  • Governments are offering massive subsidy
  • Net-metering connection can be availed

Here are some reasons why the subsidy may be reduced or stopped in the future

  • The government has a set target for rooftop solar
  • The amount of total subsidy budget for this program is fixed
  • Solar adoption is increasing at a very fast pace
  • Traditional power producers may pressurize the government to stop promoting solar due to lesser revenue

The best part why you should adopt solar now:

  • Once you have a solar system, your way of living can be completely transformed
  • When you have excess electricity being produced, your next two-wheeler could be electric. Save yourself from rising Petrol price

The government is promoting electric cars and it is only a matter of 3-4 years before electric cars see a massive growth.

In 5 years, projected price of Petrol is upwards of Rs. 90 per liter. If you have a solar system, you could comfortably purchase an electric car in the future and save thousands of rupees on petrol too.

Aristosol Power

Application Duration
We don’t believe in false promises. The subsidy application process takes time. And we don’t want to install your system without subsidy. The government department or DISCOM takes up to 60 days to approve an application. After we receive the approval, we procure the parts and get the installation done with the next ten days. After installation, a government employee from the electricity department will install the net-metering system and you’re ready to use free electricity. Your home will be solar-enabled within 90 days from the date of application.

Working Process

How to Get Better Results
Aristosol redefines your relationship with energy. Save money. Minimize your carbon footprint. Take control of your power costs today!

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